Production and editing

As the Editor and Head of Content of Graphene Magazine and the Graphene Flagship Annual Report, I had full editorial and creative responsibility for both publications. I managed and oversaw production of these publications throughout every stage of their development, from drawing board to print. 

In doing so, I commissioned articles from internal and external writers, edited all content for language, style and consistency, and developed concepts for infographics, visual elements and more. I also conducted interviews and produced my own written content for all of these publications.

Closely liaising with an external design agency, I guided production concepts from a simple idea or dataset into complete and visually striking products. This included infographics, creative magazine spreads and visual features for all of the publications listed below.

On this page, browse my production history and see the quality of my work first-hand. Or, to read more about my skills in design and content creation, visit the Creative page.

Graphene Magazine 2021

The latest edition of Graphene Magazine. I fully edited and produced the publication, commissioning articles from both internal and external writers, directing an external design agency to produce striking infographics and two-page visual features, and devising new concepts to disseminate Graphene Flagship innovations to a broad community of experts and non-specialists alike.

The magazine features an interactive Video Product Gallery and three Enter the Lab visual features that give an inside look into real graphene labs, showcasing some of the Graphene Flagship's latest research projects behind the scenes.

Cover of Graphene Magazine 2021

Cover of the Graphene Flagship's 2020 Annual Report

Annual Report 2020

The 2020 Annual Report was packed with more content than any Graphene Flagship publication to-date. 

I took the initiative to expand the report to cover the Graphene Flagship's industry-focused projects, in addition to its scientific research, for the first time. 

The end product provides balanced and inclusive coverage of partners in academia and industry, and was well-received by the graphene community and the European Commission.

Graphene Magazine 2020

Graphene Magazine puts the people behind the Graphene Flagship in the spotlight, and this is where my creativity shines. I carefully commissioned and curated a mix of news stories, interviews and features to produce an engaging product with very broad appeal.

As with all the publications I manage, I developed concepts from the drawing board for infographics and several unique, visually striking layouts, closely guiding the design agency to create an aesthetic and engaging product cohesive with Graphene Flagship branding.

Cover of the Human of the Future magazine

Cover of the Graphene for Healing magazine

Graphene for Healthcare

A special edition mini-issue released in parallel with the Graphene for Healthcare virtual conference. I proposed the concept and was assigned set funding to produce the magazine, which I delivered within a short time frame.

Very well-received by conference delegates and Graphene Flagship scientists as well as by the community on social media.

Annual Report 2019

The Annual Report provides detailed coverage of the achievements of Graphene Flagship scientists over the year.

This was the first publication that I fully edited and produced. I also wrote the majority of the copy based on interviews with leading scientists and designed several infographics.

Cover of the Graphene Flagship's 2019 Annual Report